The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is responsible for planning, operating, and maintaining Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems. In 2014 and again in 2015 the LTA published two (2) Bus Tenders for the operation of bus transportation services in the region of BULIM (2014) and LOYANG (2015). In order to respond to those tenders, services of CSched were retained to develop timetables, vehicle blocks and crew assignments to forecast the operating costs of each tender as well as provide various statistics and reports required by the LTA.

Each bus tender was comprised of approximately 25 routes and roughly 400 buses. The bus fleet was a mix of single deck and double deck buses. Each tender used a single bus depot with midday parking allowed at specific terminals. The vast majority of terminals had capacity restrictions to be taken into account during timetabling, vehicle blocking and during the provision of operator rest periods.

Finally, the LOYANG tender required the evaluation of multiple combinations of schedule types and route options. The multiple route options, schedule day-type, and service reductions due to school holidays resulted in a total of 24 distinct daily schedules.