Assisted Foothill planning and scheduling staff with running time analysis, schedule writing, and blocking for significant restructure of suburban Los Angeles area bus routes.

  • Ensured that revised schedules achieved financial and operational goals established through a package of planned service changes.
  • Coached planning and scheduling staff in their application of revised run time strategies through the use of HASTUS ATP analysis software.  Systematic adjustments of running times and minimum recovery times were conducted according to specific operational goals.
  • Coached planning and scheduling staff in writing timetables that cycle efficiently to translate in-service hour reductions into actual savings upon implementation of service changes.

Foothill Transit network is concentrated around 12 hubs and almost all their routes are going through at least one of these hubs. Therefore, most of their clients would need to transfer in order to arrive to their final destination. However, currently the synchronization is not fully optimized and some transfer between some of the routes can be burdensome. The goal of the network synchronisation side of the project was to increase the quality of the network by increasing the synchronization for 7 hubs, inside the current number of buses and vehicle hours.