HASTUS, developed by GIRO, is an industry-leading optimization software solution used by hundreds of public transit authorities and operators worldwide. Joining forces with partners like CSched, specialized in transit optimization for a broad range of agencies, enables GIRO to expand access to its optimization algorithms, further improving service reliability and efficiency of public transportation networks of every scale.

“We are pleased to continue our 15+ years partnership with GIRO and expand our HASTUS offering to further help transit agencies achieve their goals and ambitions,” said Michel Courval, President of CSched. “GIRO’s industry-leading software, combined with CSched’s software expertise and industry knowledge, provide clients with powerful tools and uniquely qualified resources for all their transit planning, scheduling and operations-management needs.”

“We are proud of the successful partnership we have built with CSched over the years to extend access to industry-leading optimizers for transit scheduling and operations,” said Jean Aubin, President and CEO of GIRO. “This renewed and expanded agreement reflects a commitment to deepen this collaboration in making our HASTUS software even more accessible to transit agencies of all sizes across North America.”

For the past five years HASTUS by CSched, a fully hosted, fully managed, cloud-based generic version of HASTUS, has enabled dozens of smaller transit agencies to benefit from the software’s optimization features for their scheduling needs. The expanded partnership between GIRO and CSched will further enhance this cloud offering by adding the transit operations-management tools such as DailyCrew, and also aims to demonstrate to agencies of modest scale that the benefits of world-class optimization software are within their reach.

HASTUS by CSched is deployed coast-to-coast across the U.S. and Canada, including at Corpus Christi Regional Transportation Authority in Texas, Anchorage’s Public Transportation Department in Alaska, and Fredericton Transit in New Brunswick.